Skin/Texture Pack [Zin Fit Base]

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﹥[Large] Skin Texture Pack [Zin Fit Base] - ZinPiaㅤㅤ

Info [Term A]
Texture by ying.vr made for Zin Fit base [Sellfy] or [Old Link]
• Style A and B | 22 main textures(each style).ᅠ
• Two different cleavage details(Style AS/BS) | 22 main textures(each style)ᅠ
• Textures 4k and Normal map
• Showcase: [Link]

Tan lines, beauty marks and cute blushed.ᅠ
Bonus will come in PNG and PSD file so you can use with other textures of your choice.ᅠ

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﹥Please note

This package only contains TEXTURES to use in Zin Fit Base
To use the Bonus you will need a software to paste the images(Photoshop, Photopea etc).
The textures themselves are not made in Photoshop so there is no file for editing.

• This texture was hand drawn and made by me, so there might be some differences between each texture/color.

﹥Not included:
Zin Fit base by Sugs#9795/ZinPia: [Sellfy] or [Old Link]
Body edits don't come with the ZinFit base, body edit(chubby) is my personal edit.

Rules [Term A]

✅ Credit me ying.vr and also include the link to store.
Allowed on Personal, Sale and Public(pedestal) avatars.
Allowed: You have permission to edit, but resale is prohibited.
Not Allowed: Free, Free in server and Nitro avatars; any or all free distribution is prohibited.
Not Allowed: include this asset in tattoos/edits package(Includes paid/free distribution).
Not Allowed: claim, redistribute or resell this asset.
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• Questions? I created a ticket on Discord: [LINK]
New Discord: ying.vr/yang.vr
old Discord: ying#6669/yang#6669

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Last updated Jun 14, 2023

ㅤ﹥Up to 10% off on Payhip: https://yingyangvr.storeㅤ

22 main textures
(each style)
Style A and AS
54 textures+ Bonus
Style B and BS
54 textures+ Bonus
All textures Bundle
108 textures + Bonus
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Skin/Texture Pack [Zin Fit Base]

268 ratings
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